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T: 020 83139977
E: mail@jsonline.co.uk

Established 1968
The company that’s big on service
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JS: Concertina

Folding panels strong, light and easy to move

Concertina panels available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 panel set's are fully mobile these concertina panels will expand to form a private area in the office for that impromptu meeting and just as quick will fold away again for easy storage. Panels are upholstered on both sides in Royal, Black or Light Grey fabric or with fabric on one side and whiteboard on the other.

The width of the panel is 60cm and there are two heights 180cm and 150cm. All screens configurations are light weight and easy to move

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We offer a large range of products at competitive prices, so please feel free to e mail or call and tell us your need.

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