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Lockers & storage

JS online provide a range of storage units that can be used as room dividers or for territorial definition. Differing heights of storage provide an opportunity for landscaping in an open plan office, whilst also being effective storage solutions that are aesthetically pleasing to have around the office. Personal storage is equally important whether it is drawer units close to your desks or locker systems to keep small possessions and IT safe and secure

Bite »
Bite is a mobile storage unit that wraps around bench desking…

Coffee Point »
Combines office storage and a refreshment bar

HotLocker »
Flexible, designer lockers for secure personal storage

HotLocker Agile »
An advanced locker system for forward-thinking organisations

MySpace »
Bisley MySpace locker units enable flexible personal storage…

Steel pedestals »
Steel pedestals are strong and robust can be produced in many…

Towers »
Towers provides adaptable spaces for filing, desk accessories…

Universal storage »
Universal storage products are designed to complement and to…

Zone »
Zone dividing storagewall

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