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Agile Working Products

How, where and when will your organisation grow? Who knows what the future may bring, what we do know is that adaptability is crucial. The workplace is changing. People want to work where they can be productive and relaxed. They are looking for flexible solutions to their fast-changing working day. At JS online our products build a more agile business, helping you to adapt and change your environment. No matter whether it’s a change in staff, a change of teams or other demands on space. We have office furniture for the new workplace, redefined by the technologies that have opened up this new potential to be more agile, adaptable and collaborative. Flexibility and value have become critical in a rapidly changing business world where all organisations are seeking value in property costs, value in how we are able to work, and value in the furniture we use. A Dynamic Workspace is a high performing environment incorporating a range of settings that deliver spatial efficiency, personal productivity and corporate expression. Agile Working Products are certainly helping organizations to increase efficiency and reduce costs, it’s also enabling them to provide a Dynamic Workspace that better reflects how we work and to fully leverage employees’ dynamic creativity and emotional connection to work.

Hepworth »
Inspired by Art

HiTable »
Offering contemporary solutions for working, eating and thinking

Hive »
Hive is a modular system which integrates technology

Hive Media Units »
Technology enabled furniture

HotLocker »
Flexible, designer lockers for secure personal storage

HotLocker Agile »
An advanced locker system for forward-thinking organisations

Ilk »
The Ultimate in glamour and comfort

Jaicer »
Simply beautiful chairs & tables that is constructed entirely…

Jig »
Scandinavian styling combined with traditional comfort

Kala »
Kala is contemporary seating promoting relaxation and comfort

Kite »
Kite tables are simple to move, fold and store

Linc »
Linc provides a simple modular workspace

Lip »
Lip is simple and elegant mulit-purpose seating

Loiter »
Loiter is a compact modular bench seating range

Martin »
A clean and simple form brings an elegance and simple style to…

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