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Update Your Office On A Credit Crunch Budget with JS Online

The term ‘budget office furniture’ is enough to spark fear in the eyes of any company chief executive, images of cheaply made ‘tat’ from the local cut price superstore spring to mind - not exactly the look you are going for! However, high quality office furniture is available at a very reasonable price and knowing where to look is key to your bargain hunting success.  Looking for innovative designs at a snippet of the price need not be like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack.

Paul Narramore, Sales Director at JS Online, market leaders in office furniture said, “We get numerous enquiries from companies wanting stylish high quality designs that are purpose specific.  I think most chief executives have a pre painted picture in their minds with regards to ordering furniture on a budget and believe that along with the half price label, the quality of the product may also be 50 per-cent less!”

Mr Narramore added, “At JS Online we work to provide high quality solutions at a snippet of the price, and we are finding that in the current economic crisis, small businesses need this lifeline - imagine starting up a new business to find that your budgets are cut and your office still needs furnishing.”

In a recent Case Study JS have recently moved an organisation of 40 people into a new building in London and supplied desking, seating, screens, storage and meeting furniture. Their budget was limited and they thought they would have to compromise somewhere to get what they wanted. They didn’t, they moved in on time and at the cost they could afford and still got quality service.

One option for smaller start-ups may be hiring office furniture for a certain time-period at a minimal cost, until funding materialises. Battered credit markets often play havoc with smaller businesses seeking venture capital to expand or even invest and office furniture problems can only heighten the financial strain.

JS Online provide a premium hire furniture service, with furniture available for a week-long period at just under £15 for a desk and chair. 

Mr Narramore added, “We get an increasing amount of customers contacting us with regards to hiring office furniture, especially if they are just starting up a business or have a particularly small office to furnish”

If this is not an option, the way your office looks can be dramatically changed by the simple introduction of a plant, by buying second hand computer equipment, or even using a brightly coloured paint to spruce up those bland office walls, can invigorate employees whilst still being very on-trend.

For companies seeking furniture for the long-term JS Online also offer a huge range of office seating and office desking at extremely reasonable prices, their Aspen range of office desks starting from just £86 is the perfect addition to any office bringing a touch of style to even the most retro of workspaces.

Similarly, their Impact 18 of desking is an ideal entry-level solution priced starting at just £96 including free nationwide installation. Mr Narramore added, “Teamed with the Mercury range of office seating, you will have an office to be proud of.  These are both innovative seating designs that would look right at home in any office space.”

So whether you have a mammoth budget or tightening those purse strings, there are solutions out there.  All that is required is a touch of specialist know - how and oodles of creativity.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 11 November 2008