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Protect The Planet With Eco Friendly Office Furniture

Protecting the planet need not mean chaining yourself to a tree, starting a peaceful protest outside number ten or swapping your beloved car for a push-bike.  By turning your workspace green with eco-friendly office furniture, you can present the right impression to your employees whilst saving yourself money in the long-term. 

The demand for green office furniture is only a very recent phenomenon, with companies seeking to do their bit to decrease their impact on the environment.  With increased knowledge of how certain varnishes and adhesives used in the production of office furniture can create harmful emissions and a general awareness about the destruction of forest involved in the production process, many companies are staking their claim by seeking out greener alternatives.

Chris Johnson, Director at JS Online, market leaders in office furniture said, “It is vital that eco-friendly office furniture takes off. Customers are often surprised at how hardwearing and stylish these environmentally friendly designs are and most importantly, they offer sustainability.  This means that in purchasing this type of office furniture, you are helping to protect the habitat of many different species of plants and animals, whilst still maintaining the oxygen levels that these trees produce.”

A number of eco-friendly manufacturer’s designs are available on the net and JS Online pride themselves on offering ranges of office furniture that not only provide quality but deliver carbon foot print reduction.  We use manufacturers whose environmental insight is second to none. Senator International the UK’s largest independent supplier whose entire ranges we promote, have taken the concept to the heart of their business, with a unique policy booklet detailing exactly how every process in manufacture is looked at and its impact on the environment assessed.

A great product, which takes on the environmental ethos, is the “iS”  chair by Connection, which is, an attractive task chair which was deliberately designed to have excellent green credentials.  Available in a number of colours from conformative black to this season’s shade of purple, it is sure to add comfort and style to any office space.

Mr Johnson added, “We are currently working on expanding our range of environmentally designs in light of the industry demand for this type of office furniture, and we are proud to be in a position to offer our customer with greener alternatives.  One of our favourite products is the HO3 Ergonomic Task Chair by HÅG, The seat and the back of the H03 are made from recycled bumpers and plastic packaging from household waste. The plastic components are labelled by type for at-source-sorting. The chair is manufactured with a small number of elements from recyclable materials, which are easy to disassemble and replace.  This chair is great for an office environment as it is also makes use of ergonomic technology.”

In trading in your old office furniture for eco-friendly creations, you are setting a good example to employees and with a bit of luck, your actions may inspire others to do their bit towards saving the environment.  After all what goes around comes around! 

Posted by Chris Johnson on 18 November 2008