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JS Online Make Waves With Ergonomic Technology

In the current economic crisis, can you really afford to lose over 12 million days of work each year, over £1000 for each employee absent for a week or more and the added strain on employees who are left to pick up the pieces?  This is the reality of work related illness and as the experts point out, simple changes to your office furniture can make all the difference.

A recent report compiled by Back care and the TUC suggested that back pain is a problem for almost two thirds of small businesses and with an astonishing one in five workers suffering from the dreaded ailment is it any wonder that companies are crying out for solutions?  Experts are positive that the way forward lies in educating the workforce, increased mobility and ergonomic office furniture, primarily ergonomic seating.

Paul Narramore, Sales Director at JS Online, market leaders in office furniture said, “Ergonomic office furniture is more popular than ever before.  Companies are realising that instead of losing employees at this crucial time, it is a lot more beneficial to take care of your staff at a time when maybe even more is required of them to keep your business afloat.”

Mr Narramore added, “We are finding that ergonomic office furniture is an excellent way to reduce common complaints like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), muscle aches, joint pain, headaches and in some cases even vision problems.  With this in mind we have expanded upon our already ample range of ergonomic seating to cope with demand, we now show 12 different models on our website . We have also 6 ranges of height adjustable desk and a vast selection of ergonomic accessories including footrests, wristrests, monitor arms, lumbar supports and copyholders all designed to aid posture”

Office furniture has moved on in leaps and bounds over the past ten years and allows the user to change their posture regularly, help blood circulation, improved concentration and relief from static posture the main culprit in reducing your workforce.

JS Online are now able to provide such cutting-edge technology at extremely reasonable prices, including their hugely stylish Herman Millar Aeron design with arms and mesh back, their Office Chairman Physio, a 24-hour chair ideal for those who suffer with back problems and their eco friendly H04 task chair fantastic for those prone to back and neck problems

Jennifer Longmore, from Injury Prevention Ltd, said, “According to the Health and Safety Executive, employers have a legal and moral responsibility to their workers to provide adequate equipment.  This is particularly important in a job where you are maybe not able to vary work, take frequent breaks or are forced to do a very stressful job.”

Posted by Chris Johnson on 4 November 2008