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Task seating

JS online offer a wide range of task chairs. Task seating makes up the vast majority of any office space and we cater for every budget, all task chairs come with a host of features to help workers remain comfortable and productive. We also offer office desks and office storage to help create useable and very contemporary office interiors

Aeron »
A design classic . Aeron performs like no other chair

Agitus »
S21: Agitus task chairs have a unique back structure and dimensional…

black dot »
Self-confident. Proud. Intelligent

Clipper »
S21:Clipper task chairs deliver fantastic comfort with simple…

Dash »
Dash Task Chairs offer simplicity and ease of use with simple…

Do »
Fewer controls means it’s easier to use

early bird »
Good design to put you in a good mood - early bird provides the…

Ecoflex »
Ecoflex mesh back task chairs offer simplicity, form and function

Enigma »
S21: Enigma task chairs are beautifully finished and with stunning…

Evolve »
S21: Evolve task chair is the new universally applicable task…

Flash »
Flash task office chairs have a contemporary style stands out…

Fuse »
Fuse task chairs offer fantastic life long support using a 3D…

G64 »
Precision engineering delivers a chair of proven longevity

Go »
An unfussy task chair Go can add impact to any interior

Goal »
Goal is an office chair programme for dynamic, fatigue free sitting.

Goal »
No nonsense entry level oprators seating

IS »
IS range is comfortable ergonomic seating, offering compelling…

Joy »
Joy displays the technical attributes of more expensive products,…

Mecury Mesh »
Mercury Mesh is a stylish value for money mesh back task chair

Mercury »
Mercury is a strong and able entry level task chair range

Montana »
Montana is a stylish mesh back chair at an affordable prices

MOVYis3 »
MOVYis3 task chair is the end of class barriers

netwin »
With netwin everything sits well - the design, the finish, the…

Poise »
Supberb support across the entire back with genuine multi task…

Re-act »
Endorsed by backcare specialists

Sidiz »
Our very clever new chair uses state-of-the-art materials and…

Sprint »
Sprint office chair is a high performance high comfort task chair.

Sputnik »
Sputnik rask chair - expect the unexpected - features removable…

Stroll »
Stroll office chair is as an extremely competitively priced product,…

Team »
Team chairs combining design and affordability, is a performance…

Thor »
Offers superb comfort and support

X10 »
With its refreshing simplicity it sets new standards in value…

Xantos »
Xantos chairs are designed to make you feel good.

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