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Orangebox has become recognised as one of the UK’s most progressive, innovative and successful office furniture companies

The office landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before. Orangebox recognises this and is focused on providing product that helps embrace tomorrow Orangebox furniture is designed to bring work and home together in a new kind of work setting - a 3rd space - where people can work in, what Orangebox terms, the Comfort Zone. Similarly, Orangebox task chairs offer a level of design and engineering finesse married to the ergonomic pedigree that Giroflex has established over the last 40 years. The key principles of an Orangebox task chairs are: (value) ergonomics, ease of use, dimensional fit and dynamic function.

Abbey »
Abbey is a timeless tub chair that is specified for a variety…

Airea Meeting Pods »
Airea meeting pods & furniture systems extend and complement…

Bay »
A comprehensive range of mobile screens in upholstery and acrylic

Boundary »
Boundary is a modular upholstery system with simple smart components

Celo »
Celo offering an ingenious solution to the need for work tables…

Dean »
Dean’s form is pared down to a real simplicity

Do »
Do task chairs have fewer controls that means it’s easier to…

Flo »
Flo chair - Designed with everyone in mind

G64 »
g64 - Precision engineering delivers a chair of proven longevity

Go »
Go is an unfussy task chair and can add impact to any interior

Joy »
the Joy task chair displays the technical attributes of more…

Joy OH »
The Joy OH is a chair with establised ergonomic pedigree

Obvio »
Smartworking’s Obvio tables allow for individual use and small…

Pars »
Smart working Pars meeting tables are available across a broad…

Path »
Path is a classic reception seating product

Point »
Point stools achieve an unexpected twist in more conservative…

Reef »
Freestanding AV unit allowing access to power, data & screens…

Seren »
Easier to use

Spira plus »
A specialist chair for everyone

Surf »
Surf reception chairs offer an attractive lightness of presence

Track Work »
Track chairs are designed for use at work height, whether relaxing…