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Office screens

We offer a range of screens suitable for all tastes and budgets in a range of finishes including glass, fabric and wood

Here at JS Online we not only provide a comprehensive range of office seating solutions, office desks, and office furniture, we specialise in providing desk mounted and free standing office screens. Providing a practical solution for businesses which are short on space, but require designated work areas for certain members of staff, an office screen can create a practical workspace which will enhance privacy while allowing easy communication with colleagues. At their best, office screens should go unnoticed as a neutral element in any office space and enhance productivity preventing distractions from other members of staff. Far from reducing the size of the room, office screens really can add a touch of style to your office environment. Whether you are looking for a floor to ceiling screen, or an office desk mounted screen, we have something to suit your needs

Office Screens »
Glass Screens-Pod Systems-System Screens-Wooden Screens

AA65 »
High performance acoustic screen system

Acoustic Panels »
Class “A” rated to reverberation sound absorption

Airea Meeting Pods »
Airea meeting pods & furniture systems extend and complement…

Allure »
Allure desk mounted scrrens are made from frosted acrylic to…

Bay »
A comprehensive range of mobile screens in upholstery and acrylic

CellPod »
Cellpod is creating privacy and collaboration spaces within work…

Contour »
Timber construction screen with flexible joints designed to provide…

Cubbi »
Visual, territorial or acoustic privacy won't be an issue anymore…

Enclave »
Enclave offers Innovative screen design

Flair - Glazed Screens »
Flair stylish freestanding screens in either glass or acrylic

Flair - Woodgrain Screens »
Flair wood screens are stylish floor and deskmounted screens

Freestyle »
Freestyle screens are stylish and simple to install, developed…

Fusion »
Fusion 30mm aluminium slimline picture framed screen provides…

Glass »
Glass screens for a light contemporary feel

Haven Pods »
Haven Pods allow focus and collaboration within the office environment

Linc »
Linc provides a simple modular workspace

LogiSon® »
Acoustic sound masking network

Modern Trellis Screens »
Timber trellis available in rectangular or square pattern

Origin »
Origin's full aluminium frame has been streamlined to enhance…

Pods 4.2 »
A funky instant informal meeting room solution

Q.S »
Q.S. is a slimline acoustic pod

Reverb »
Suspended acoustic ceiling islands and baffles available in standard…

Series 1 »
Series 1 is a concise screen solution when an economic option…

Series 5 »
Series 5's 50mm aluminium picture framed product providing solutions…

Simplicity »
Simplicity wooden screen systems adds beauty in 3 different styles

Traditional Timber Trellis »
Timber trellis available in diamond or square pattern

Vibe »
Create beautiful acoustic art that absorbs reverberation.

View »
View mobile screen system