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At JS Online we supply a diverse range of quality office furniture available for hire at a reasonable cost

In the current financial climate, investing in office furniture can be both costly and time consuming, especially if you have a business start up on the cards. The ideal compromise, hiring office furniture allows you to continue with your plans and open up your office space without the fear of extra purchases at such a critical time in the life of your new enterprise. Office furniture hire is a quick and cost effective way of transforming an empty office space, into a productive and stylish work place which will portray the right message to potential clients when they come to meet you and to your workforce that you mean business. Eliminating large capital outlays, hiring office furniture can even in some cases incur tax benefits, making this option extremely cost effective for those in business.

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Toledo Chair

Toledo Stool

JF001 »
Folding Chair

JF004 »
Banqueting Chair

JF006 »
Compact Chair

JF008 »
Conference Chair

JF009 »
Lecture Chair

JF010 »
Operators Chair

JF011 »
Operators Armchair

JF014 »
Leather Conference Chair

JF014A »
Ribbed Back Eames Style Cantilever Chair

JF014D »
Fabric Cantilever Meeting Chair

JF014E »
Fabric Cantilever Meeting Chair

JF016A »
Eames Style Medium Back Chair

JF017A »
Modern Executive Chair

JF019 »
Ski Lift Chair

JF020 »
Panton Style Chair

JF027 »
Z Stool

JF031A/C »
Barcelona Style Chair

JF031G/JF031GG »
2 Seat Barcelona Style Chair

JF032/33/34 »
Compact fabric tub chair

JF033C/D »
Leather Egg Style Chair

JF035/36 »
Modular Reception Seating

JF046 »
Velvet Chesterfield Style Armchair

JF047 »
Velvet Chesterfield Style 2 Seater Sofa

JF048 »
Velvet Chesterfield Style 3 Seater Sofa

JF049 »
Circular Banquet Table

JF050 »
Rectangle Folding Banquet Table

JF051 »
Rectangle Banqueting Table

JF053 »
Folding Exam Table

JF054A »
Circular Glass Coffee Table

JF055 »
Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

JF059B/79D »
Maple Coffee Table

JF063 »
Chrome Bistro Table

JF065B »
Glass Poseur Table with Spider Base

JF068 »
Maple Rectangle Meeting Table

JF072 »
Circular Meeting Table in Maple

JF075 »
Reception Desk

JF075B »
Silver Curved Reception Desk

JF078 »
Maple Return Unit

JF079 »
Maple Rectangle Desk

JF081 »
Maple Radial Desk

JF082 »
Maple 2 Drawer Mobile Pedstal

JF083 »
Maple Desk High Pedstal

JF086 »
Maple Side Filling Unit

JF087 »
Maple Desk High Cupboard

JF088/JF090 »
Maple Bookcase

JF089 »
4 Drawer Filing Cabinet

JF091A/JF091B »
Tambour Storage Cupboard

JF092A/JF092B »
Metal Storage Cupboard

JF104H/F »
Wood Bar

JF113G »
Acrylic Lectern

JF114 »
Flip Chart

JF127 »
Office Screen

JF130 »
Prism Brochure Stand

JF142A »
Storage Crate

JF170/171 »
Velvet Dining Chair

JF204 »
Modular Boardroom Table

JF210 »
4 Door Locker

JF244/245 »
Sqaure Bistro Table

JF245B/C »
D Ended poseur table

JF246/247 »
Eames Style Chair

JF279/280 »
Eames Style Executive Chair

JF281/282 »
Eames Style Meeting Chair

JF287/290/258 »
Le Corbusier Style Armchair

JF288/291/259 »
Le Corbusier Style 2 Seater Sofa

JF289/292/260 »
Le Corbusier Style 3 Seater Sofa

JF293/294 »
Cube Seat

JF297 »
Glass Circular Coffee Table with Bulb Base

JF297/298 »
Tulip Style Dining Table

JF326/327 »
Cafe Chair

JF330/331 »
Circular Bistro Table

JF349/A/B »
Web Chair

JF350/A/B »
Web Stool

JF386/R/387 »
Kube Stool

JF450 »
Executive Boardroom Table

JF451 »
Executive Desk

JF452 »
Executive Return

JF453 »
Executive 3 Drawer Mobile Pedstal

JF454 »
Executive Tall Cupboard

JF455 »
Executive Combination Unit