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Furnishing your home office

Working from home is now more popular than ever - and with good reason! Take the daily commute, petty office politics and a having your boss breathing down your neck all day, out of the equation, and work suddenly seems a whole lot more bearable! Of course many factors have led to the popularity of working from home, the recession, companies realising that they can cut back on office space, people embracing entrepreneurship, and more than anything, the growth in telecommunications and the advent of high speed broadband, mean that for the first time ever, working from home is a truly viable option open to everyone.

However, working from home does require commitment, and organisation. And the key to being organised is having a working space and home office environment that is both comfortable and professional. You should consider the space you have available and your budget when furnishing your home office.

Probably the most important piece of furniture to consider when furnishing your home office is your workstation. It is a fair presumption to state that most of your time will be spent at your PC. Therefore, you should ensure that you have a suitable desk, that allows you enough room to work, whilst fitting into the constraints of your budget and the space available. Consider also recommended guidelines regarding how far from your workstation you should sit and the angle at which you should be placed. Remember that desks come in varying heights - as do computer chairs! And, budget constrains aside, be kind to your back, and go for the best computer chair you can afford!

If your budget is small, and so is your space, then consider a compact desk. Ikea do good quality small, cheap pull out desks, with suitable workstation chairs, that can fit into any alcove or corner! If you are really hard up, or in the name of eco friendly recycling, then why not consider free-cycle or Ebay. Free-cycle, is `free` and you will be pleasantly surprised to find the amount of office furniture that people will be parting with. You may quite easily find the perfect desk, and if you are really lucky, perhaps a filing cabinet! Ebay is also a cheap option, and one that will give you more control and choice over what is on offer. Although both of these option will probably require you to pick the office furnishing up yourself, as transport is rarely included! (and often items are already fully assembled!).

Medium budget furniture can be brought from stores such as Argos or Staples. You will find specialist office chairs, and spacious corners desks, that will allow enough room for all your computer/printer/scanner/ fax machine needs.

If you are not constrained by either budget or space, then why not furnish your home office with stylish quality furnishing from specialists stores such as jsonline.co.uk, or Oaklandfurniture.co.uk.

You must also compile a list of essential office equipment and accessories! For example House insurance and business insurance are often overlooked, but are as essential as your filling cabinets! Additionally separate work desks, display areas, notice boards, and lighting all need to be considered. You may also require an additional telephone line, or broadband extension, not to mention you should consider upgrading your computer and increasing your hardware (remember to always back up, keep copies, and do not discount hard copies!). If space and budget allow (and needs must) then an area for entertaining clients may be a valuable extra to consider when considering your options regarding furnishing your home office.

Posted by Chris Johnson on 13 July 2009